May. 23rd, 2010

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Hello, this is the manager of Jungle Karma Pizza.

Due to some remodeling we're doing we're afraid we have to close for a few days, we will open as soon as possible and have a special party to celebrate.

Until then we thank you for your understanding.

[locked to Jungle Karma Pizza Staff]

Alright you mooks we're closing down until the landlord says its safe for residents to come back to the Inns again, go take care of whoever's important to you and get the hell out of Tetha. Try the Hyperion they seem nice.

[Locked to Friends and family of Noir]

Looks like things are getting started, I want to make this clear, if they attack and only THEN will I be getting myself involved. I'm not throwing any punches till they've put a decent sized hole in my home.

As for the rest of you well frankly I'd feel alot better if you'd skip town but I know how most of you are.

And I swear to Yggdrasil the first person to try and drug me and drag me out of the Inns before everyone else is evacuated is gonna get smacked.


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