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[The sound of wind whistling in the backround, grunting, the sound of fist hitting things and the cackling of ADR-01. There's sounds of pain from Noir and four words]

I love you Gaia.

[Then a heavy crunch and silence]
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We're gonna die.

I might...you'll just be reformatted.

Not like that's much better if I lose my memories jerk.

I've died before...it's not so bad till you get brought back. Then you feel everything.

I like feeling things! I've got a boyfriend you know!

Then fly away and I'll hold them off.

Yeah right.

I mean it, get the hell out of here.

No. I've put up with too much to let you do something so stupid alone.

Alright...then let's make this good.

Picodevimon evolve to LADYDEVIMON

OK...two of the biggest bad asses in the Digital world, that freaky robot chick, whoever those creepy looking girls are over there...plus a dark evolved Isha and a crazy monster Menagerie Beastboy...I honestly don't know where to start.

Dodging might be an idea!

[A mighty roar booms trough the speaker and the crunch of ripping tearing wood, a body hitting the ground and the signal cuts out]

[[OOC: Alright now the fun part. To those particular people approved to join in the fun have your hostile's make separate threads and then a hero or group of heroes related to Noir will mix it up with your hostile, Feel free to post any questions in response to this post in ooc brackets]]


Nov. 26th, 2009 01:36 am
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So first order of business if anyone sees a pink haired singing robot chick? Her name is Teto or so she said over and over again, she has a wrath seal and she dropped an entire freaking bar on me. Crazy bitch.

Second order of business. Thanksgiving. Tiffany's already told me she's got the ingredients so I'll be helping her make Dinner at the Mendetta apartment. Friends and family are all invited to share in our feast. Dinner will be at five though I know Yu will be showing movies on our big beautiful flatscreen from noon on after the Parade is done on T.V.

Thanks and have a happy Holiday weekend.
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Mel...it's me.

Sorry if I worried you by not letting you know where I went I didn't think I'd be gone more then a few hours.

Would you mind coming to pick me up I'm kinda...stuck.

[Attached: Location data for the former location of a saloon and now currently a pile of broken building. Noir is somewhere in the rubble]
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Um...hey this is Pico, Noir Mendetta's Picodevimon to be exact...as if you didn't know...sorry I'm...ugh.

What's going on?

Just a minute...anyway if anyone's seen Noir can you let me know? Bastard snuck out this morning and he's not at work or any of his usual hangouts in Tetha.

Why would dad run off? I didn't think things were that bad...

I wish I knew I...wait. Wait a minute what day is today?

Um...Tuesday the 24th.

...oh Yggdrasil I can't believe I forgot.

Forgot what?

Ah...honey um...a year ago today Noir had an accident...

[Signal lost]
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W-what the...

...no...no I can't be here again...I've been good damnit! I changed my ways!

N-noir where are we?


I-it's her...holy hell it's her!


[The sound of Noir blasting a hole in the roof of the Hinata Inn]
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Are you sure you've got all those?

Yeah I'm sure *Grunt*

I could fly up and ask Yu to come down and help...

I've got it...I've got it...I don't got it!!!


[Crash bam crash bounce roll yelp thud groan Noir just fell down the stairs]

...we could have just stored the groceries in your D-reader...

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So you finally got the Warthog back from Skuld huh?

Yeah I feel like taking it out for a spin before work, you coming?

OK but I get to pick the radio station this time.

No I think I will from now on.

...who said that.


Pico...the car is talking.

"The car" has a name and you better use it from now on!

Skuuuuuuld What did you do?!?

It liiiiiives!

Don't call me "It!" My name is Agatha!
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Who: Noir, Gaia, Tiffany, ???
What: The many deaths of the Teen Titans [Warning, excessive violence and mature concepts]
When: October 28th, late night After these posts.
Where: Mendetta Apartment, Living room, Hinata Inn
It's got Deaths in the subject line, do you really need another warning? NSFW! )
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[The sound of Noir tossing and turning, growling and grumbling]

L-let her go...no...s-sssstop...take me...damnit...shit no...no...NOOOOOOOO!

*The sound of rumbling and glass shattering as a massive discharge of shadow energy breaks things in the living room*

GAH! Noir!!!

*Panting* W-what...pico? J-jesus H Christ....

I think you were having a nightmare...god look at you you're all sweaty...

T-that was no nightmare....
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[Sounds of people groaning]

Pico...are we dead?

No...dead doesn't hurt like this. What happened?

I remember that Moosemon jumped out at us...then...did we get attacked by a headless horsemen?

You must have dreamt that.

Yeah..yeah probably...what's this soft thing...G-gaia!?!

Oh this is gonna be good.
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Alright listen up!

Jinx is in trouble! That punk Billy Numerous is charged up with a demon seal and has his mitts on her! I'm heading down there now but I need help. We gotta hurry god only knows what he's already done!

Let's go, hero time who's with me?

[Attached: location marker for where Jinx was last seen by Lily]

((OOC: After we get the volunteers in this post. Go ahead and post and NPC some Billy's for yourself there's plenty of canon fodder to go around. Once enough ass has been kicked the log will wrap, if you wanna get hurt or maimed in the rescue say the word. The Billy's are armed with melee weapons and heat blasters as per usual))
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Noir you got a minute?

I just put the last order in the fridge what's wrong?

The Baby Digimon birthday party is getting a little out of hand...they don't want to share.

*Sound of something breaking*

Great...hold on I've got it.

*More fighting sounds, things breaking, baby strength attacks being thrown around*

Whats Mine Is Yours - All Dogs Go To Heaven
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Right...so we went out to where the battle happened...nothing left of LOT but some blood in the sand.

I knew it...I freaking knew it.

Please my Queen have some tea...you look tired.

Can't blame her We were out there all morning looking for clues...and Belldandy.

Heavy sigh.

Ah Right...Belldandy got there before us apparently there was something important she found and...well by the time we got there she was long gone...so yeah that blows.

We should train some more with Digisoul, it's how we beat her last time.

Yeah yeah after work...speaking of which we better go clean up, Jungle Karma won't open itself.

((OOC: Bold is Jinx, Bold Italics is Fanbeemon, Underline is Keiichi))
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And as the detective watched the twin taillights of her car getting smaller in the distance a light rain began to pour down around him. The light of the lampost she'd left him other bathed him in a golden hue like an angel's grace. That's what she'd been to him...a fallen angel looking for repentance...too bad in the end she'd had to make a deal with the devil to get it.

But that's how life plays out in the big city, love and loss, stories are a dime a dozen to those tunes especially for a poor slub private eye working out of Crime Alley.

*The sound of a book closing*

That's one's one of my favorites...I mean sure the gumshoe doesn't get the girl...they hardly ever do but that was pretty action packed eh Tiff?

*Silence as Tiffany is still in her coma...and then the sound of Noir shifting in his seat.*

Tiff? Tiffany can you hear me?

What's wrong Noir?

What's going on?

...tears...she's crying.

...but she's not awake.

...*sigh* No...*Pause* Maybe I should have picked a story with a more upbeat ending...

[OOC: Italics are Pico, bold is Yaamon]
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...what just happened?

I think we froze again.

Damnit how long this time?!?

Um...according to this twenty minutes just passed in a blink.

What's that smell...GAH I HAD A PIZZA COOKING!

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This is just freaking ridiculous!

She just got unfrozen!

She just moved her stuff in and was making herself at home!

Yggdrasil you bastard.
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Everything seems so quiet lately.

Too quiet?

Yeah no kidding...I mean it's like we have the inns back...but it's like a ghost town around here.

Pretty creepy.


I know how to fix this.

Oh yeah?


*Crash and a smash as Noir is shoved off the roof to bounce off a tree and crash land in the girls hotsprings*

H-hello ladies...
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Hey everyone, remember LOT?

Yeah I wouldn't blame you, they've been so quiet since they jumped Sakura I was starting to hope they were sent home too but they jumped me in the forest last night.

Shadow Link got involved, saved my ass and got roasted in the process, so I kicked LOTS sorry ass and they barely got away Only got away because I had to take care of Shadow Link, it was my fault he got blasted.

So while he's healing he's back in my apartment...the new one not the old one. I moved into a three bedroom when we got the Inns back.

So yeah, just letting you all know.

I totally evolved to Lady Devimon...it was hot. I'm gonna have Noir evolve me again so I can go molest my boyfriend.

I will take no mart of that.

The hell you won't, you owe me!

...fine...but I don't have to like it.
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Smeatons Sad Violin - Trevor Morris

*There is a long pause like he thinks he should say something but then he turns off the recording*

[Locked to Yu and Melissa]

Yu...I'm going to go to Melissa...take the night off please.


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