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Right...so we went out to where the battle happened...nothing left of LOT but some blood in the sand.

I knew it...I freaking knew it.

Please my Queen have some tea...you look tired.

Can't blame her We were out there all morning looking for clues...and Belldandy.

Heavy sigh.

Ah Right...Belldandy got there before us apparently there was something important she found and...well by the time we got there she was long gone...so yeah that blows.

We should train some more with Digisoul, it's how we beat her last time.

Yeah yeah after work...speaking of which we better go clean up, Jungle Karma won't open itself.

((OOC: Bold is Jinx, Bold Italics is Fanbeemon, Underline is Keiichi))
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And as the detective watched the twin taillights of her car getting smaller in the distance a light rain began to pour down around him. The light of the lampost she'd left him other bathed him in a golden hue like an angel's grace. That's what she'd been to him...a fallen angel looking for repentance...too bad in the end she'd had to make a deal with the devil to get it.

But that's how life plays out in the big city, love and loss, stories are a dime a dozen to those tunes especially for a poor slub private eye working out of Crime Alley.

*The sound of a book closing*

That's one's one of my favorites...I mean sure the gumshoe doesn't get the girl...they hardly ever do but that was pretty action packed eh Tiff?

*Silence as Tiffany is still in her coma...and then the sound of Noir shifting in his seat.*

Tiff? Tiffany can you hear me?

What's wrong Noir?

What's going on?

...tears...she's crying.

...but she's not awake.

...*sigh* No...*Pause* Maybe I should have picked a story with a more upbeat ending...

[OOC: Italics are Pico, bold is Yaamon]


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