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Alright, listen up.

Has anyone seen Jinx since last night? She went out to run an errand for the Teashop before dinnertime and hasn't come back yet. Her kid came looking for her and stayed with me last night when we couldn't find her.

Anyone who's unfamiliar with her, we're looking for this woman.

[Attached: Picture of Jinx with Fanbeemon]

She's not the type to disappear without warning anyone and especially not without telling her daughter.

Her partner's missing too which gives me a bad feeling about all this.
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Alright listen up!

Jinx is in trouble! That punk Billy Numerous is charged up with a demon seal and has his mitts on her! I'm heading down there now but I need help. We gotta hurry god only knows what he's already done!

Let's go, hero time who's with me?

[Attached: location marker for where Jinx was last seen by Lily]

((OOC: After we get the volunteers in this post. Go ahead and post and NPC some Billy's for yourself there's plenty of canon fodder to go around. Once enough ass has been kicked the log will wrap, if you wanna get hurt or maimed in the rescue say the word. The Billy's are armed with melee weapons and heat blasters as per usual))


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