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Hey erm...anyone seen Noir today? He went out training with Shadow Link last night and never came back.

And Noir honey if you get this call me and let me know you're OK? I never should have let you go out there without me.
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So...mother's day.


*Deep breath* I didn't get to see her before...I was gone for the last few months and Dad wouldn't let me see her on my last day among the living...how was she? I mean after I left and stuff?
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Hey, RJ, Parker where the hell are you guys it's almost noon and Pico and I are still running the shop by our lonesome...

[User Not Found]

[User Not Found]

...Aw nuts.
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[Noir has taken another Yzma potion and will be making stops around the complex to people he cares about giving them baskets today filled with chocolates, Jelly beans, and a gift for each person]

[Melissa: Materials for a trick she hasn't tried yet Way to vague Al]
[Shadow Link: Some life sized Chicken shaped targets for practice]
[Beastboy: Some cheap B movies]
[Jinx: Unicorn plushie]
[Hay Lin: Pinwheels and a kite]
[Belldandy: Model Motorcycle]
[Kaito and Aoko: Dinner at Jungle Karma Pizza]
[Conan: Squirt guns]
[Ran: Stuffed Bunny]
[Peter: An IOU to cover his shift and a note urging him to take MJ out more]
[RJ: Worlds best boss mug]
[Terra: Bag or rock candy, a red wig, and a little plushie of him.]
[Tiffany: Extra large basket with extra candy, an adorable rabbit doll and a cowboy hat with a note that requests she find and share the basket with "Penny" but pretend the hat and extra candy was just an oversight on Noir's behalf.]


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