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Hey um...Gaia? We gotta talk.

Just...before I start I want to say I'm gonna be standing in the front yard waiting for any punishment you have to throw at me and I will take it and much worse if it'll make you happy.



Did you sign the will yet?

Shut up Pico.

OK *Deep breath* YesterdayIkissedShadowLinkagainI'msorry! I think it was a virus or something I swear! Please forgive me!!!
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[The sound of wind whistling in the backround, grunting, the sound of fist hitting things and the cackling of ADR-01. There's sounds of pain from Noir and four words]

I love you Gaia.

[Then a heavy crunch and silence]
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We're gonna die.

I might...you'll just be reformatted.

Not like that's much better if I lose my memories jerk.

I've died before...it's not so bad till you get brought back. Then you feel everything.

I like feeling things! I've got a boyfriend you know!

Then fly away and I'll hold them off.

Yeah right.

I mean it, get the hell out of here.

No. I've put up with too much to let you do something so stupid alone.

Alright...then let's make this good.

Picodevimon evolve to LADYDEVIMON

OK...two of the biggest bad asses in the Digital world, that freaky robot chick, whoever those creepy looking girls are over there...plus a dark evolved Isha and a crazy monster Menagerie Beastboy...I honestly don't know where to start.

Dodging might be an idea!

[A mighty roar booms trough the speaker and the crunch of ripping tearing wood, a body hitting the ground and the signal cuts out]

[[OOC: Alright now the fun part. To those particular people approved to join in the fun have your hostile's make separate threads and then a hero or group of heroes related to Noir will mix it up with your hostile, Feel free to post any questions in response to this post in ooc brackets]]
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This is just freaking ridiculous!

She just got unfrozen!

She just moved her stuff in and was making herself at home!

Yggdrasil you bastard.


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