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[The sounds of what can only be described as massive remodeling or deconstruction can be heard as Noir tears apart his room]

Are you sure it's not in the D-reader?

Yes I'm sure I checked it three times already!

And you didn't put it down anywhere?

I never put it down anywhere I'm either playing it or right back in the D-reader it goes!

And when did you say was the last time you used it?

Right before bed last night I was having trouble clearing my head so I went up to the roof and played some while you were with your boyfriend.

There's no need to get snippy.

Just help me look.

[Signal lost as a thrown shoe bounces off the d-comm]


Apr. 4th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Well the girl prank wore off thank god...and the doctor said I'm fine to go home again as long as I don't pop any stitches.

I think you were a cuter girl.

Shut up...all these physical transformations can't be good for my body.

*Sound of Violin music*

Where'd you get that thing anyway?

It was a gift, really nice too, high end Violin. Better then the one I had at home. Either the guy at the store who had this didn't know what he had or Belldandy is a really good haggler because there is no WAY she'd spend this much on me just as a Christmas gift.

I dunno she seems like the type...then again she's nice enough to get discounts just for being who she is.

Let's go play some nice soft music for Terra, maybe it'll help.

...you still want her to beat you up when she's awake don't you?

Well it won't be the first thing I ask her to do...and I did upset her right before she left, I owe it to her.


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