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Noir you got a minute?

I just put the last order in the fridge what's wrong?

The Baby Digimon birthday party is getting a little out of hand...they don't want to share.

*Sound of something breaking*

Great...hold on I've got it.

*More fighting sounds, things breaking, baby strength attacks being thrown around*

Whats Mine Is Yours - All Dogs Go To Heaven
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Just in time for Independence day weekend Jungle Karma Pizza is back open and better then ever.

Consider us for all your party needs, after all what would go better with fireworks and freedom then a massive pizza? Particularly if said Pizza was decorated like the American flag!

In honor of the summertime and BBQ Season we've also got some wonderful grill and BBQ flavors to add to your pie as toppings, burger bites, hot dogs, chicken and a selection of different BBQ sauces.
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Alright kids, for those of you NOT going to prom for whatever reason, Jungle Karma Pizza of Tetha is happy to provide you with something to do other then mope around about how you couldn't land a date.

Like you?

I didn't want a date, I didn't try for a date, shut up.

So lonely, so very very lonely.

Shaddup! Anyway we'll be having an outdoor movie night just outside Jungle Karma. It's free to get in but there will be Pizza and drinks you can buy to enjoy during the double feature.

We'll be showing "I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday" by Cleavon Schpielbunk and IronMon Note to self, return Beastboy's movies before he notices them missing.

Bring your own blankets, chairs, hammocks, pillows or whatever.
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Hey, RJ, Parker where the hell are you guys it's almost noon and Pico and I are still running the shop by our lonesome...

[User Not Found]

[User Not Found]

...Aw nuts.
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Oh crud...

What's wrong?

The Tetha theater troupe is here!

Hey I'm part of that troupe...and besides they always order lots of food what do you care?

Most of the time they can't pay...and they always move the tables around...and...oh well here we go...

La Vie Boheme - Original Broadway Cast "Rent"

You have to admit their really good.

I'll give them that...I just wish they wouldn't dance on the tables, I have to clean those you know!

I wonder where MJ is...usually she's with them for dinner parties...



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