Nov. 26th, 2009 01:36 am
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So first order of business if anyone sees a pink haired singing robot chick? Her name is Teto or so she said over and over again, she has a wrath seal and she dropped an entire freaking bar on me. Crazy bitch.

Second order of business. Thanksgiving. Tiffany's already told me she's got the ingredients so I'll be helping her make Dinner at the Mendetta apartment. Friends and family are all invited to share in our feast. Dinner will be at five though I know Yu will be showing movies on our big beautiful flatscreen from noon on after the Parade is done on T.V.

Thanks and have a happy Holiday weekend.
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[Noir has taken another Yzma potion and will be making stops around the complex to people he cares about giving them baskets today filled with chocolates, Jelly beans, and a gift for each person]

[Melissa: Materials for a trick she hasn't tried yet Way to vague Al]
[Shadow Link: Some life sized Chicken shaped targets for practice]
[Beastboy: Some cheap B movies]
[Jinx: Unicorn plushie]
[Hay Lin: Pinwheels and a kite]
[Belldandy: Model Motorcycle]
[Kaito and Aoko: Dinner at Jungle Karma Pizza]
[Conan: Squirt guns]
[Ran: Stuffed Bunny]
[Peter: An IOU to cover his shift and a note urging him to take MJ out more]
[RJ: Worlds best boss mug]
[Terra: Bag or rock candy, a red wig, and a little plushie of him.]
[Tiffany: Extra large basket with extra candy, an adorable rabbit doll and a cowboy hat with a note that requests she find and share the basket with "Penny" but pretend the hat and extra candy was just an oversight on Noir's behalf.]


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