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Noir you got a minute?

I just put the last order in the fridge what's wrong?

The Baby Digimon birthday party is getting a little out of hand...they don't want to share.

*Sound of something breaking*

Great...hold on I've got it.

*More fighting sounds, things breaking, baby strength attacks being thrown around*

Whats Mine Is Yours - All Dogs Go To Heaven
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Smeatons Sad Violin - Trevor Morris

*There is a long pause like he thinks he should say something but then he turns off the recording*

[Locked to Yu and Melissa]

Yu...I'm going to go to Melissa...take the night off please.


Apr. 4th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Well the girl prank wore off thank god...and the doctor said I'm fine to go home again as long as I don't pop any stitches.

I think you were a cuter girl.

Shut up...all these physical transformations can't be good for my body.

*Sound of Violin music*

Where'd you get that thing anyway?

It was a gift, really nice too, high end Violin. Better then the one I had at home. Either the guy at the store who had this didn't know what he had or Belldandy is a really good haggler because there is no WAY she'd spend this much on me just as a Christmas gift.

I dunno she seems like the type...then again she's nice enough to get discounts just for being who she is.

Let's go play some nice soft music for Terra, maybe it'll help.

...you still want her to beat you up when she's awake don't you?

Well it won't be the first thing I ask her to do...and I did upset her right before she left, I owe it to her.
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Celtic - Ireland Traditional - Irish Fiddle Music Altan The Wedding Jig (This is good and lively).mp3 -

Hey Noir you're not wearing green.

Ow! Ow hey knock it off my ties green...oh...crap. Hey anyone know how to keep my clothes from turning gray I still haven't figured that out yet. The only color that doesn't do That after like five minutes is red. Ow damnit Pico!

[locked to Tiffany, Kaito, Ao...you know what? Locked to friends of Noir. You know who you are!]

Green Ham and Eggs, Green buttermilk biscuits, Green milk and hash browns for breakfast, you guys game? My treat.
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Oh crud...

What's wrong?

The Tetha theater troupe is here!

Hey I'm part of that troupe...and besides they always order lots of food what do you care?

Most of the time they can't pay...and they always move the tables around...and...oh well here we go...

La Vie Boheme - Original Broadway Cast "Rent"

You have to admit their really good.

I'll give them that...I just wish they wouldn't dance on the tables, I have to clean those you know!

I wonder where MJ is...usually she's with them for dinner parties...



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