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*A familiar grunt of pain, the sound of a body hitting the ground and groaning in pain, a deep rumbling voice like a gravel driveway*

I'll keep hitting you till you stop saying it impostor!

Truth hurts doesn't it? You just can't handle it but I'm not running, and I'm not hiding.

I'm James Mendetta, Detective Noir and Teen Titan, the sooner you accept that the better Dad.


*What follows is the sound of two men screaming in anger and the crunch of concrete, bodies hitting pavement.*
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[The sound of wind whistling in the backround, grunting, the sound of fist hitting things and the cackling of ADR-01. There's sounds of pain from Noir and four words]

I love you Gaia.

[Then a heavy crunch and silence]
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Um...hey this is Pico, Noir Mendetta's Picodevimon to be exact...as if you didn't know...sorry I'm...ugh.

What's going on?

Just a minute...anyway if anyone's seen Noir can you let me know? Bastard snuck out this morning and he's not at work or any of his usual hangouts in Tetha.

Why would dad run off? I didn't think things were that bad...

I wish I knew I...wait. Wait a minute what day is today?

Um...Tuesday the 24th.

...oh Yggdrasil I can't believe I forgot.

Forgot what?

Ah...honey um...a year ago today Noir had an accident...

[Signal lost]
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And as the detective watched the twin taillights of her car getting smaller in the distance a light rain began to pour down around him. The light of the lampost she'd left him other bathed him in a golden hue like an angel's grace. That's what she'd been to him...a fallen angel looking for repentance...too bad in the end she'd had to make a deal with the devil to get it.

But that's how life plays out in the big city, love and loss, stories are a dime a dozen to those tunes especially for a poor slub private eye working out of Crime Alley.

*The sound of a book closing*

That's one's one of my favorites...I mean sure the gumshoe doesn't get the girl...they hardly ever do but that was pretty action packed eh Tiff?

*Silence as Tiffany is still in her coma...and then the sound of Noir shifting in his seat.*

Tiff? Tiffany can you hear me?

What's wrong Noir?

What's going on?

...tears...she's crying.

...but she's not awake.

...*sigh* No...*Pause* Maybe I should have picked a story with a more upbeat ending...

[OOC: Italics are Pico, bold is Yaamon]
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Smeatons Sad Violin - Trevor Morris

*There is a long pause like he thinks he should say something but then he turns off the recording*

[Locked to Yu and Melissa]

Yu...I'm going to go to Melissa...take the night off please.


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