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Um...hey this is Pico, Noir Mendetta's Picodevimon to be exact...as if you didn't know...sorry I'm...ugh.

What's going on?

Just a minute...anyway if anyone's seen Noir can you let me know? Bastard snuck out this morning and he's not at work or any of his usual hangouts in Tetha.

Why would dad run off? I didn't think things were that bad...

I wish I knew I...wait. Wait a minute what day is today?

Um...Tuesday the 24th.

...oh Yggdrasil I can't believe I forgot.

Forgot what?

Ah...honey um...a year ago today Noir had an accident...

[Signal lost]
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Hey Noir?

What's up?

You ever get the feeling you were being watched?


Oh good it's not just me then.

I'm also a hyper paranoid headcase who believes that roughly sixty to seventy five percent of the digital world has plans to kill him.

You're not making this easier on me.

Where's my D-comm I gotta send Link a note...

[faillock to Shadow Link]

Hey man it's been awhile, I'm done hiding out so I hope Vio's not still mad for...ya know. I'll be moving back in tonight, Beastboy's got this creepy Lolita hanging out in his room and sleeping in his bed.

Anyway I've been thinking and it's time for me to admit something to you, my shadow powers kinda still suck compared to what they used to be back home.

Your shocked I can tell.

Anyway, you're the only guy I know with similar powers. Would you train me? That way when you guys are done planning and we actually start doing I'll be useful. I'd really like to learn how to make a good shadow blade like you can.


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