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Hey Mel I'm gonna try sneaking you in some decent food for lunch today, what do you feel like? I know this great GAH!!!!


GEEZE! Freaking ow! Did you see the bee that stung me?

...Noir there was no bee...

Then what the hell was that? Felt like something stung me in the back of the head! Hurt like hell.

Well I was just behind you and I would have seen if anything stung you.

Am I bleeding?

Lemme see...no no you're OK *sniff sniff* And is that a new conditioner?

Yes it is, shut up. I like how it smells.

Oh no I wasn't gonna say anything, very pretty.

Zip it or I'll ARRRRRGHH!!!!

Holy...geeze what the hell Noir?

I dunno but damn that hurt!

Same spot?

...yeah actually.

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Oh crud...

What's wrong?

The Tetha theater troupe is here!

Hey I'm part of that troupe...and besides they always order lots of food what do you care?

Most of the time they can't pay...and they always move the tables around...and...oh well here we go...

La Vie Boheme - Original Broadway Cast "Rent"

You have to admit their really good.

I'll give them that...I just wish they wouldn't dance on the tables, I have to clean those you know!

I wonder where MJ is...usually she's with them for dinner parties...



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