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Right then Hoshi let's talk.

First off this ain't an apology. I'm sick and tired of having to apologize every time I say something that hurts someones feelings.

Next, If you're really planning on leading this group you're gonna have to man up a little to deal with me. I'll do my part to keep my own bastard tendencies in check but for gods sakes if I can upset you like that this freakshow we're going after's probably twice as likely to get into your head because he's known you longer.

I mean come on you were a boy for how long? Stop acting like such a girl.

If you insist on acting like a girl at least be a woman like your scary ass sister who I narrowly escaped. I still assume that a long and painful death by her hands awaits me when I come home.

Look, I'll level with you...I'm freaked out. Not by you or by this bastard we're going after but by Jinx. She's...apathetic. It's like she doesn't give a damn about getting hurt so bad or that you're planning to take revenge in her name or any of that. I bring up the topic she ignores me or changes the subject.

This may not be the Jinx from my universe but it still seems really unlike any Jinx I know.

Did something happen between you two or what? I mean I told her what I said to you last night and she called me an idiot and went back to work. What the hell?


If you don't like her like she wanted I don't care. But at least make me believe you're doing this out of some kind of passion not because you feel like you have to. You've waited this long to put together a team to take him down. There's a reason for it and I want to know that being patient from here is for just as good a reason.


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